"The Queen of the King"

Miss Elvis is Auckland's ONLY female Elvis tribute artist.

Entertainer and MC.

Have a little less conversation and a little more ELVIS at your next function!

Miss Elvis pays homage to the King of Rock n Roll with her own unique style.


With costume options to suit your occasion:


'68 Special

70s Casual - flared pants and puffy shirt

COMING in NOVEMBER - genuine Viva Las Vegas! costume











"As alluring as the King himself! Miss Elvis knows how to make an audience rock n' roll."

 - Siobhan Kelly (aka Von Vonski)


"I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I loved your mc styles. and I really liked your final act x"

- Willow Noir 


"Miss Elvis knows how to make an audience tingle. From song to mc she's got the right stuff and will have you all shook up."

- Ruby Von Rifle


"Miss Elvis will get you ‘All Shook Up’ and make you want to get out your ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ as she resurrects the King (Queen) of Rock'n'Roll. Miss Elvis is a show-stopping performer and unmissable when centre stage."

- Leigh Jen Derriere


"I saw Miss Elvis perform at the Caburlesque in Wellington in June. It was an amazing show. She interacted with the crowd and kept you guessing. You normally walk out of a show covered in glitter.. I however walked out with peanut butter in my shoe and a whole lotta honey."

- Alma Shaw


"Miss Elvis is a Hunka Hunka burning love!!! Has a wonderful voice and great stage presence she does a knock out Elvis and has great costumes and act is fun for all.. Love her." 

- Ted Allen Paul (Elvis Impersonator, New Jersey)


"Miss Elvis wowed the crowed at the last VVDO. Her fiery performance, confidence and stage presence kept the audience engaged and titillated."

- Talia Stephens (The Very Vintage Day Out)